Monday, October 29, 2007


This past week was the state volleyball tournament in the Nashville area. It was such a fun atmosphere and I am so proud of the girls for overcoming injuries and sickness to win. This group of girls is the best I have ever coached. They all respect each other and would do anything for each other.

Wednesday morning was our first match. In the 2nd game, Courtney (our middle blocker) jumps to block and lands on Megan's foot, rolling her ankle. If you knew Courtney you would understand how scared we were. She is the type that will play through any injury (whether it's smart or not). Well, she was rolling around on the floor crying. As soon as the whistle blew, I ran on the court to see what was wrong, hoping it was not broken. I get her off the court and not more than 3 minutes later our other blocker, Amy, did the exact same thing. However, she walked off the court herself, so I was a little more hopeful for her to play that night in our next match.

We had about 6 hours between matches on Wednesday, so Courtney and Amy got some rest, iced, and stretched their sprained ankles. About an hour before the night match I had the girls do some light jogging and some side-to-side stuff and they were looking pretty timid. I made them give me eye contact and say that they would tell me if it was hurting too bad. Courtney's also the all star in basketball, so I didn't want her to serioulsy injure herself right before the season started. Of course, Amy said, "Yes ma'am I will" and Courtney gave me a smile and said, "If we're up by two games I'll tell you."

So, we won and Courtney had more kills Wednesday night than she normally gets. Because we were still undefeated (it was a double-elimination tournament) we got all of Thursday off. The seniors went and toured Lipscomb University and went shopping and then we met up for dinner at the Opry Mills Mall at The Aquarium restaraunt. As we were eating, Becky (one of our setters) says, "Coach, can you look at my knee?" It ended up to be okay, but all I could think was..."Is there anything else that could go wrong?"

That's not the smartest thing to think because there is always something else that can go wrong. Friday the team is in the lobby eating breakfast and Becky says, "Coach, Miriam (our other setter) woke up throwing up and doesn't look good."

Miriam and all the girls ended up playing. 3 girls made the All-State Tournament team. The amazing part of all of this was that none of the girls panicked. They had the mindset that one of their friends was hurt or sick and they needed to pull together and help each other out and that's what they did.