Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Honduras Trip Days 7 and 8

Friday about 30 of us went to Good Shepherd Children's Home (8 of us to build part of the playground and the rest played with the kids all day). I was on the playground crew. A few people had already been there the week before and set the posts in concrete. We built the floor 7 feet up and then put the roof on. It was a lot of fun and I got to work side by side with Josue who hasn't work with us in a while due to his job at the airport. But since it's closed TORCH hired him for the summer.

Saturday we were determined to have the medical clinic at Didasko orphanage. Dr. Gayle had donated some medicines since our container (full of stuff) hadn't been released yet. The opened up 3 classrooms: doctors/nurses in one, one for the pharmacy, and one for the nutritionists and hygenists. It was so hard to turn people away.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we had a VBS team that went to Didasko, so while we were doing the medical clinic the VBS crew set up a carnival with games and toys and a Veggie Tales movie.


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