Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Honduras Trip Days 5 and 6

Wednesday Tyler, Ken, and I headed up building a house in Neuva Oriental. The house went pretty well. Now, you have to remember that these are not houses like the states... they are one room (16x16) made out of wood with a tin ceiling.

Due to some recent health problems and the hard work I did yesterday, I couldn't do as much as I usually do, but that allowed me to supervise and coordinate everyone while those that didn't have any experience to pick up a hammer and work. It is a great feeling of accomplishment for people that are not good with their hands to be able to hammer in some nails and have a house in a few hours.

After we were finished we met all the other groups at the blind school to visit and play with the kids there. That is something we do every year that everyone looks forward to because this was one of the few places where the kids seem to be well taken care of and loved for.
Thursday a group of us went back to the dump and this time we brought more people and several were on their first trip. Those of us that had gone before were trying to prepare the others, but there were still a few that had a hard time handling it, but that is okay. Sometimes we feel that we have to be able to handle everything that comes our way, but really it's okay to say that we can't.
Afterward, we loaded up the bus with bags of food that an earlier group made and we took them to Nueva Oriental (where our 2 construction teams were working), hiked the mountain passing out the bags of food. It is an amazing experience to give someone food in the name of Jesus and they tell you they didn't know what they were going to feed their children that night for dinner. God has timing that we, as humans, cannot even fathom!


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