Saturday, April 28, 2007

Top 6 Reason driving in Honduras is better than the states!

Not in any particular order:

7. Lanes...what does that word mean? If the car in front of you is driving too slow on a two-lane road you pass when cars aren't coming from the other direction; even on a blind curve. It's amazing how a two-lane road can turn into a 4-lane so easily. And if you're on a motorcycle the sidewalk is just another lane.

6. Honking is expected. If someone is driving stupidly, you honk. If someone is driving too slow, you honk. Or if you see someone you know, you honk to say hi.

5. Speed limits exist, but are not enforced.

4. Roads signs are hard to come by, so if you accidentally drive the wrong way down the street people just shake their heads, but it's harm done.

3. When you are at a red light and there is no cross traffic you go ahead through the intersection.

2. During traffic, when the road is packed with cars, and you're trying to turn left (or right) turning your blinker on means nothing. However, sticking your arm out the window automatically gives you the right-of-way.

1. And if that doesn't work you inch your way out into the street until someone eventually stops and lets you go.