Thursday, August 14, 2008

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

My summer (as does everyone's) went by way too quickly.  The trip to Honduras went famously!  And then the rest of the summer was spent going to the doctor for therapy... but I did get to spend a weekend in Montgomery visiting Brett and Judy (the first time I'd ever seen them in the states) and it was a fun-filled weekend at the Biscuits games. =)

School has started now and we're getting back into the routine... waking up early (like 5:30 ish) and not getting home until late.  Volleyball should be pretty good this year- we lost a lot of seniors from last year, but I believe this year's seniors will step up to the plate and do well.  My 7th graders are wonderful!  I'm still holding my breath, but I believe this will be a great year.


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