Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Honduras Trip Days 9-12

Sunday we had church at the Mission House, got our stuff ready for Tela, and then went to Valle de Angeles (Valley of Angels) to do some shopping. I finally got my pupusa, which was incredible, and I bought a painting to go with the one I had bought a few years ago. It poured down rain while we were there, which made it a pain since there are very few places to duck for cover.
Monday we loaded the buses and headed for Tela (which is by San Pedro Sula) on the beach for our retreat. It is a beautiful beach, like Siesta Key in Florida, and basically this is the only hotel on the beach so we almost had it to ourselves. We played in the ocean, in the incredible pool, and played lots of cards. Tuesday was more of the same and then Wednesday we left for home.


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