Monday, May 21, 2007

God is so sneaky!

It's funny how God gets what he wants no matter how hard you fight him. For quite some time I have been contemplating going on a summer trip to Honduras. There was an achy feeling that if I didn't go this summer it would be even harder in future years.

I really didn't think I was going to get to go, so I made a ministry of making 100 blankets for the summer trips to hand out. When I drove them over to Nashville (where the trip leader lives) he said that if I came up with the plane ticket the rest would be taken care of.

That was an amazing offer, but there were some things I've struggled with since I got back to the state. I didn't exactly leave on good terms with some missionaries that are down there full time and me, being the person I am, do not like confrontation. So I thought and I thought. I had come with many "better" things that I could do with my summer: work and save to buy a house, take some science classes, get my master's in education, or travel to see friends and family.

One night at Life Group, it came time for prayer requests. I mentioned that I would like prayers to decide what to do this summer. One of the men said, "If all you need is a plane ticket consider it taken care of." Everything had been taken care of and there was no reason that I could possibly say no. And so, he turned in his frequent flyer miles so that I could go to Honduras for 10 days in July!

That's the way God usually works in my life. I fight and I fight. And yet He always wins.=)