Tuesday, April 07, 2009

When one door closes...

Well, the poor economy has now hit Harding Academy.  I got told last Thursday that my contract for next school year isn't being renewed due to budget cuts and low enrollment.  I've been asked a million times (okay, so maybe that number is a little exaggerated) what I'm going to do, so let me tell you before you ask... I HAVE NO IDEA.  I'm still in the shock and depressed phase to even think about it.  Please pray for me that I have a good attitude to finish this school year and for God to open a door for me for next year.


Blogger Elisa said...

It's so scary when you don't know what is coming next. I know we never really know, but sometimes the illusion is nice! I do pray that your faith will grow in this time and that God will surprise you with how well he provides for you.

3:37 AM  

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